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How to keep your air conditioner running well…

The maintenance of your air conditioning unit is vital when it comes to creating a healthy and safe environment for your home. By performing simple routine maintenance on your system, you will also save on the costs, by allowing it READ MORE



Ducted heating changeovers: Infrastucture remodelling

Ducted heating changeovers are very popular throughout Melbourne this time of year, as people make the last ditch effort to get a working heating system before the winter really kicks in. Apart from a new, reliable system, and the benefits READ MORE



Daikin is one of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers for technological innovation. From heating to cooling, and their renowned split system range, the Japanese company is making enormous strides in achieving perfect comfort, efficiency, and power. One of the areas READ MORE



Ducted heating upgrades: Much more than great, warm air

Those that have upgraded to a new ducted heating system after running on an older one will be able to attest to the incredible benefits of making the change. From more powerful and consistent warm air, to less noise and READ MORE