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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is an ideal solution for those seeking to heat or cool either a part or the whole of your premises- residential or commercial. This form of reverse cycle air conditioning gives you total control over the temperature desired, no matter what is the weather outdoors.

You can choose to condition your entire home or office or control the temperature of a very specific zone. It could be the office or a room where you spend time at home. Reverse cycle air conditioners provides you flexibility and makes it more economical in the long run. Contact us to enquire more about zone control conditioning.

The advanced technology and control mechanism enable a quick cool and warm flexibility from a central point and easy to set timers. With ducts placed inside the walls, the reverse cycle air conditioner ensures quiet and even distribution of the air throughout the distributed network of rooms.

How it works?

We sell ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system with heating and cooling functions. It is infact a split system  that is able to cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms that may cover the living room, bedroom, a study room, etc.  This type of ducted split system provide you the complete climate control for your residence. You can heat or cool your home depending upon the climatic conditions and you can also set a specific temperature all year around.

All your home areas can have specific temperature based on the pre-selected level of comfort which can also save energy in the long run. The ducted reverse cycle has an exceptional performance and is 3 times more energy efficient than the conventional heating and cooling systems.

Ducted air conditioning systems provide discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home. The installation of refrigerant systems can be tailored to suit a new or existing home.

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