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For professional climate system services look no further than Australian Climate Systems. We’ll help you find the perfect cooling or heating solution for your home or office. Beat the Summer heat and survive the winter chill with the right air-conditioning system. We offer gas, electric and water powered systems to suit any room, space and budget.

Australian Climate Systems has been working in the air-conditioning industry for over 20 years. Our locally owned business focuses on Melbourne suburbs like Templestowe. Our 6 Year Workmanship Guarantee ensures quality services to all our patrons. Once a service is completed you are also provided with a Certificate of Compliance.

We carry out tailored climate solutions for each of our customers. We care about you. At Australian Climate Systems, we know that every space is different. Thorough assessments of your area are conducted to determine the perfect cooling or heating system. Our friendly staff will also be available via phone or email for any of your inquiries during the entire process.

Our Solutions
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LG Premium Split System 2.5KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: WH09SK-18

Only $1799 (RRP $2099)

Parts & Labour Warranty


Inverter Compressor Warranty

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Daikin 2.5KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: Daikin FTXF25

Only $2099 (RRP $2299)
5 Years

Parts & Labour Warranty

6 Years

Workmanship Guarantee

Daikin 2.5kw
Daikin Split System 7.1KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: Daikin FTXF71

Only $2999 (RRP $3299)
5 Years

Parts & Labour Warranty

6 Years

Workmanship Guarantee

New Daikin Split System 7.1kw
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Replacement Systems

Has your heater or air conditioner broken down, stopped working or become too expensive to run and maintain? Australian Climate Systems offers quick onsite servicing by one of our qualified technicians. Get a free quote on the supply and installation of new heating and cooling systems!

Client Testimonials

“Great service. Had the quote done quickly and proffesionally and the install was a breeze. We have a warm house again!!”

- Mark J Simonis

“I found Australian Climate Systems to be Prompt, Professional and Helpfull throughout the entire process.”

- Enzo Nichol

“Obtaining a quote was easy, the staff were friendly and helpful and the price of the changeover system was great.”

- K Coutinho

“I had a few people coming from different companies to quote on the replacement of my mum's existing ducted heating system. I must say that Australian Climate systems sales who came to us was the most knowledgeable and he strongly recommended that we have the air return grille changed as per standard which the previous sales who came to my mum's premise didn't mention at all. Their installation worker came on schedule and worked with high efficiency. Satisfied customer.”

Maribel Lu
Winner Of WOMO Service Awards
  • Wordofmouth 2020 Sa Colour
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We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the WOMO Service Award SIX YEARS IN A ROW

Cooling And Heating For Your Home Or Business

Cooling Systems

Melbourne’s dry Summers are no match for our cooling systems. We offer a broad range of air-conditioners to suit any home or office space. Have your pick from our range of central cooling, evaporative cooling, hi-wall and multi split systems, refrigeration systems and add-on cooling. Australian Climate Systems will make sure you stay cool in the heat.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evap cooling is a great way to stay cool at home or work. The efficient cooling system will help you beat the Summer heat while being allergen friendly. Air-allergy sufferers like those with asthma or hay fever will benefit from the way evap coolers chill room. The ducted systems refresh the air after cycle, getting rid of unwanted dust particles. To properly cycle clean air, evap air-conditioners need open spaces, so large rooms and offices are required.

Hi-Wall Split Systems

Hi-Wall Split Systems are everyone’s go to cooling system. These stylish machines are popular wall fixtures that are easy to use, so you get complete temperature control of the room. Australian Climate Systems works with a lot of trusted brands to provide you with quality hi-wall split systems. We guarantee excellent air conditioning from the likes of ActronAir, Daikin and Panasonic.

Multi Split System

Multi split systems are a robust cooling solution for your home or office. These versatile machines can cool multiple rooms in your home or office with just a single unit. One external machine can provide climate solutions for up to 5 individual rooms.

Ducted Refrigerated Systems

Want complete control of your whole home or office? A ducted refrigerated system is a central cooling solution that lets you adjust the temperature for the entire building. This advanced technology means you don’t have to manually change each unit in for each room at home or work. Ducted refrigerated systems allow for zoning where you can have different temperatures for different rooms.

Add-on Cooling

Having to decide between a heater and a cooler is hard. If you opted for a warmer option for Winter add-on cooling will be able to keep you chilled during Summer. Add-on cooling air-conditioners work with installed ducted heaters. They use the same ducts to give your home or office refrigerating central cooling. Therefore you don’t have to compromise staying warm and have all year comfort at home or work.

Heating Systems

Get rid of those Winter blues with one of our heating systems. Our heating services are either gas, electric or water powered. Gas heaters include central ducted heating, log fires and space heaters. We also have electric panels and outdoor heaters. And the latest technology in hydronic heating. Staying warm is easy with Australian Climate Systems heating solutions.

Gas Ducted Central Heating Services

Just like ducted coolers, central ducted heating circulates air for the whole building. With individual heating units, cold spots are inevitable. But with central ducted heaters, you’ll be able to stay warm wherever you in your home or office. Gas is also a cheaper alternative to electric-powered heaters, so you save money while enjoying the warmth of ducted central heating.

Gas Log Fire

Getting a heater doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. A gas log fire adds flair to any room. This heating solution is an elegant way to keep warm during Winter. Each gas log fire system is custom made to suit your room’s interior. They are either inbuilt or stand alone units. Get Australian Climate Systems to design the perfect gas log fire system for your home.

Gas Space Heating

If you’re looking for an affordable stand alone heater, look no further than our range of gas space heaters. Our variety of gas space heaters come in all shapes and sizes, so they fit in any room. Gas is a budget friendly heating option so you can stay warm at a low price. One of our featured gas space heaters includes the Braemar range, which offers 4.8 energy star rating units.

Hydronic Heating

Gas or electric powered heaters aren’t your only options. For a modern heating solution that’s allergy friendly, silent and safe to touch, get yourself a hydronic heater. A hydronic system works by boiling water in its slim slab or panel, heating up the desired room. Despite this method, the machine never gets too hot, so accidental touches aren’t painful. And since hydronic heaters don’t rely on circulating air dust particles aren’t spread around the room, and the machine can run quietly in the background.

Outdoor Heating

Australian Climate Systems also offer heating solutions for outdoor areas. There are many areas at home or work that can use outdoor heating. A heater would suit a patio or balcony at home. Or get a heater for a smoking area, sidewalk cafe or alfresco dining. Our range of heat strips are ceiling installations that will help you and your customers warm outside.

Electric Panel Heating

Electric panel heaters are a great climate solution for those small spaces. Whether it’s a tiny room or office, having a heater doesn’t mean you have to deal with big, bulky machines. Electric panels are either portable or fixed onto a wall and are compact, so they don’t get in the way.

Book Your Next Service With Australian Climate Systems.

Australian Climate Systems specialise in climate systems installations and repairs. We’ll help you find the perfect climate solution for your house or business.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Contact us via phone on (03) 9726 4444. Alternatively, email us at sales@austclimate.com.au .

Have our friendly staff with your next cooling or heating system for the ultimate climate comfort.

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